A Guide to Your TempStars Membership

About TempStars Membership

TempStars is committed to remaining the fastest, easiest, and most predictable way for dental offices to find and book amazing dental hygienists and assistants for temporary shifts. Likewise, our passion is helping dental hygienists and assistants empower their professional lives by providing fast, easy, and predictable ways to book temping shifts and have great experiences at those shifts.

We do everything we can to set up dental professionals for success, and part of that is explaining a bit about how we work “behind the scenes”, so that our members can make the best decisions for themselves and know how to align themselves with the reputation and values of our community of TempStars members.

Within the last year, we rolled out a Community Management Program that includes membership statuses for dental offices, dental hygienists, and dental assistants. This program is unique to TempStars and we often get questions about how membership statuses are achieved. We created a flowchart that clearly explains how the membership statuses are achieved and what members can do to strive for success. We value both sides of the temping experience (dental offices and dental hygienists and dental assistants) which is why we carefully monitor feedback, reliability, and professionalism. Both sides are important and finding a balance between the two sides creates positive and happy temping matches.

TempStars Founder/CEO Dr. James Yougner hosted an Instagram Live Stream where he answered questions about our unique Membership Status Program. Read more about our Membership Program and watch the recording here.

A Guide to Your TempStars Membership